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EAL - New Arrivals

By Rushey Mead Primary School

Offer of support

<p>We would like to invite you to visit Rushey Mead Primary School and observe/discuss the ways in which we greet our new arrival families and the structures we have in place to support them. For example, we have a dedicated person who will greet the families when they arrive, help them fill out forms and any other documentation they require support with. We offer new arrival families access to computers within school and support with using this equipment. Over the first two weeks of a new arrival child being in school, we send photos home to their parents/guardian each day to indicate what their child has been doing throughout the school day. Over the period of a year, we also send home a &lsquo;your child will be able to...&rsquo; journal to show their child&rsquo;s progression. We ensure that new arrival children buddy with another child who speaks the same language for the duration of the settling in period. Please click here to download files If you are interested in observing this work and learning more about our new arrival systems, please contact Natasha Jackson -</p>

Dates Available

Available until further notice